Toloi describes his first two months in Rome

Roma centerback Rafael Toloi spoke of his delight at being with the club and hopes to remain in the capital beyong this season.

How do you feel after two months in Rome?
“I am very well here in Rome, I feel at ease. Adapting and acclimating myself has been great, we are a united group. I have played only one game but I’m happy with how things are going, I’m ready to work.”

Rome’s a big city, but so is Sau Paulo…
“Yes that’s true, Sao Paulo is very large, I lived there for two years and I knew it very well. Rome? I don’t know it very well right now, I am committed to working to carve out an important spot on the team.”

Your debut?
“A beautiful experience at the stadium and I felt the warmth of the fans, it’s hard to explain. I felt at ease.”

“When you’re used to playing every Sunday and then not playing, it is difficult, but it’s positive. Italian and European football in general is different from the Brazilian. It must be said that I was not playing because Roma’s centerback pairing of Bentia and Castan is doing fine. I’m ready. There is no doubt that for me, since I have a short-term contract, it is important to play. In any case, at the end of the season, we’ll handle that situation, but I’ll be quiet.”

The embrace with Castan after Roma-Turin?
“It was a nice moment, it was an important match for me, I was wasn’t playing for months and I had the opportunity to make my debut. Winning at the last minute was nice, which was summarized by our joyful embrace.”

Why Roma?
“For all Brazilians, it’s a dream to play in a big European club. I discussed it with my agent and my family and it was a great chance to show my potential. I think I can show this, I hope to help the team next year in the Champions League. I would love to stay here.”

What has most impressed you about this group?
“They’re very united, the coach knows is a great manager.”

Among the Brazilians, who are you closest to?
“We Brazilians are a very close group. Bastos has helped me the most, but in general, I’m great with everyone.”

What is the goal of Roma?
“Our goal is to focus on each game and try to win them all. It’s too bad that Benatia will be out, he is a leader of our defense, but for me it is an important opportunity. I’ll try to maintain the level of the team.”

A greeting in Italian for our fans?
“Forza Roma!”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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