Garcia on his tenure and “love” for the city

Roma manager Rudi Garcia appeared on La7 this evening and gave a detailed interview:

You are the revelation of the year, you’re the coach who is most talked about…

“Yes I respect our league record, but the season is not over yet.”

You can win the Scudetto?
“I think it depends on us. We will try to win on Saturday and then depend on Juve.”

Destro’s suspension…
“What I have to say is that Mattia is not a violent player and football is a contact sport, there is a struggle between the players to get the best position. It’s true that Mattia gave a little slap but the referee saw it all, so there is no need for video evidence. If the replays came into the field it would help. We’re in the 21st century.”

Do you think the Roma are being persecuted?
“No, I do not think that. We’ve made it on our own and the only thing that matters is doing well.”

How will you do without Destro?
“We’ll play another. Although, I think we can win this appeal.”

How’s your Italian? I’d say it’s pretty good!
“I’ve spoken Italian for 9 months, I understand it but sometimes I make mistakes speaking it.”

Let’s talk about the meeting with Sabatini. You were on holiday in Marrakesh when you receive a phone call and telling you that you have to be in Milan tomorrow…
“Yes, this shows how football is international. I was in Marrakesh, then in Milan with Sabatini and then New York to meet with the American owners, then to Lille to speak with the president.”

How was the meeting with Sabatini?
“He’s a guy I like, he looks you in the eyes. He has strong character but he is sincere, he’s a person with all the pieces.”

Your agent told you: “There are so many possibilities, but you should go!” (to Roma)…
“Even Walter told me this…”

One page of your book is very sad when you tell that your father died while watching a game…
“Yes, but I think he dreamed this death. He dreamed of it even when he was playing.”

Since he’s no longer alive, who do you call before a match?
“My mother. Before the game I make two phone calls. One to the coach who scouts our opponent and my mother.”

And what do you say?
“Don’t worry! (laughs)”

You fell in love with Rome?

“Very much, the city is beautiful and I love the language.”

Source(s): La7

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