Destro still hoping for ticket to Brazil

Mattia Destro’s words after his first professional hat-trick in Sardinia:

You have a goal average of 85 minutes…
“It is a good average. The goal is to win every Sunday and try to score goals.”

Now you’re 5 points from Juventus: you still have a little hope?
“We’re fighting, we’ve made our season, we play our matches, we’ll fight until the end.”

A hat-trick today…
“I’m gladly taking the ball home.”

Key to the World Cup?
“I do my best every Sunday, I try to do good for the club.”

How important is Garcia for you?
“I think everyone knows that I haven’t had an easy situation because I was out a long time. Any way, I have a new manager who just arrived and in spite of everything, he kept me here. I think there is a great deal of respect, I thank him very much.”

See you in Brazil…
“Hopefully (smiles).”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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