Perrotta not surprised by Roma’s run of form

Simone Perrotta, former Roma and La Nazionale midfielder, conceded that he’s not shocked by Roma’s recent run of results considering how their manager, Rudi Garcia, has them prepared.

Are you amazed by the results this team has achieved?
“Lately I’m not. It’s obvious that in the beginning it was surprising but I think that this team has been built very well. They’ve also had strong teams built in recent years but the results did not come. With experience, personality, and players with a certain pedigree, they brought in a managers who knows his stuff and is confirming himself as an organizer of the game and is very close to the players.”

What value has Garcia added to Roma?
“I can’t mention similarities to other coaches because I haven’t worked with him on a daily basis, but he is very prepared and it shows when his team is on the field. He’s attentive to detail, such as having the team stay near the stadium.”

Do you like the new stadium and the “American Roma”?
“I didn’t see the presentation because I wasn’t in Italy, I saw something on the internet. I have already attended a presentation before that had a lot of models and plastic, it was a beautiful stadium but nothing happened and I don’t know why. This is the second model in the last 4-5 years. I hope it happens because the city and fans deserve it.”

Would you take Totti to the World Cup?
“He’s good, he’s very good. Francesco would add value to the team, but it’s a decision Prandelli must make. But we also need to see if Totti wants to even go.”

Source(s): Radio Radio

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