Greco admits to Roma jealousy

Former Roma midfielder Leandro Greco admits that he is a tad jealous seeing Roma’s success as his team, Livorno, fights against relegation.

Roma’s season?
“It’s very nice to see them so strong. There is a bit of jealousy because, until recently, I was there with them. But I hope that they can achieve their goals, I hope so for the fans who deserve it.”

Any regrets?
“Maybe I didn’t make the most of the situation, I was 23-24 years old, perhaps I wasn’t mature enough. I’d probably be a different type of player. I’d also add that I ended up in a difficult period because of the managers being changed and also a Roma that didn’t achieve great results. But it’s still a beautiful memory that I’m proud to have been a part of and I carry within me.”

The time between Ranieri-Montella-Enrique?
“The group had been together for awhile and, aside from Ranieri, ended the year together, which was marked by the collapse in the season finale. Thinking about it, it was a group that was mentally drained because we’d just ended a cycle. We began to rebuild with Enrique, but this year they’ve changed another gear.”

Source(s): Rete Sport

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