Garcia’s Pre-Parma Press Conference

Rudi Garcia’s words as his team is set to take on Parma tomorrow at the Stadio Olimpico:

What changes after two months?
“I do not know, we’ve both played the same amount of games, nothing changes. We will play to win, only thing that’s different is that we’re playing, Napoli and Juventus aren’t. If we are able to take all three points then they’re three important points to increase the lead on Napoli and get us closer to Juve. They had 16 positive and 3 negative results until now.”

Over the past 20 years, only Capello’s Milan conceded less goals, what is the key to your defense?
“Everyone is committed, we are a team that does not concede too many shots, we have a very strong goalkeeper, with high-level players, but often this isn’t enough, the thing that I like is that when we lose the ball we go straight into pressuring, it means that the attackers have realized that you have to attack the ball.”

The defeat of Juventus could be a sign of weakness?
“We’ll see, we must not focus on Juve’s loss because it could become equal if we lose points. Fixed math does not condemn us, we have to believe, in other seasons, there were comebacks that seemed impossible.”

In recent matches, your goals can be seen as opponents’ mistakes or your skill at pressing?
“An attacker must always be attentive to a opponent who makes a mistake, as with Chievo.”

Winning tomorrow gives you what percentage to win the championship?
“For this game, it’s not very good. We have to win tomorrow.”

Renewal for Taddei?
“This is not the time to talk about individual cases. I’ve been happy with him since the beginning of the season. I did everything I could to get him to stay and it was his will. He has a large role and is a man that everyone appreciates and also the coaches in the locker room.”

Romagnoli? Tomorrow would clinch second place?
“It (tomorrow’s match) would be an advantage. We have 3-4 different leftbacks. Alessio is more defensive than Dodo, but whoever plays is good. Dodo, however, can offer a lot defensively, too. Torosidis can play many roles and unfortunately we no longer have Balzaretti, but I’ll wait for him. I choose depending on the opponent.”

What objectives does a win tomorrow bring? Tomorrow is like a final game?
“We’ll be closer to the Champions League. The math says that winning tomorrow would almost clinch a Champions League spot, and it’s better to qualify directly than go through the preliminaries.”

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