Pjanic ready to fill offensive void left by Totti

Miralem Pjanic spoke entering the dressing room for his team’s match against Sassuolo.

How do your duties change without Totti?
“I will surely have more thoughts of ​​going forward, I’ll play higher, but it will not change much, my place will be in the midfield three. I’m already used to playing with everyone, we’ve played without Totti but my role will not change much, maybe a little – more offensive.”

Your health?

“I’m fine. I had knee pain for two months, I played on because I wanted to play, I needed rest that I did not get but I’m fine now. I’m starting to play full matches and the rhythm is back. We still have 9-10 games left and we have to take the maximum points to get a good final result.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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