Nainggolan: “It’s important to have taken all three points”

Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan, who had an assist in today’s 2-0 victory over Sassuolo, spoke after the win.

You ran so much! Great job in the middle of the field…
“Yes, coming to and playing against teams that do not have anything to lose is always difficult. We went in the lead quickly and we tried to manage it. It’s important to have taken all three points.”

Would you take Destro to the World Cup?
“They talk about the numbers and he’s going great, he is giving us a big hand and is in the best shape. He’s a strong player.”

A fan for Napoli or Juventus?
“Juve already has a big advantage, I think the more we can stretch the lead over Napoli the better.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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