Di Francesco regrets two lost balls against Roma

Sassuolo manager Eusebio Di Francesco regretted the two lost balls that led to goals for Roma as the Giallorossi beat his side 2-0 at home.

“It is not dramatic lose against Roma. We regret the two lost balls. It’s a problem. They are individual errors that must be eliminated, but the team had a great performance. I saw a team that played up to par, but we were naive in the two turnovers. Then there are the occasions that must be discussed. It seems to me that Sassuolo are not protected. I don’t think you can spend a whole day in deciding to give a penalty. The referee was not responsible, we can not decide for ourselves alone in the field. Today, we are a bit tired of this because it can determine certain outcomes. These are episodes that can change seasons. The value of Roma is superior, but I’m not losing this way. Everyone has to take responsibility, as a coach if I’m wrong, I am sent home.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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