Nela pleased by “welcome surprise” Rudi Garcia

Roma legend Sebino Nela spoke today after being inducted into A.S Roma’s Hall of Fame.

What do you think of Garcia?
“He was a mystrious object, you could say that very few knew of him. He was a welcome surprise for the fans and the club. Eventually, it was good that Mazzarri and Allegri hadn’t arrived.”

The youth of Roma?
” Destro and Florenzi have integrated well. Destro has a good scoring record and he still missed 7 months due to injury. We have seen against Toro the goals that can come from them.”

Ljajic has been a disappointment…
“He had a good start but the guy needs to calm down. He probably thought he’d play more, but even so, he’s had chances. He must be calmer and we’ll take his with great satisfaction. The future is in his hands.”

Do you like the stadium project?
“I must say that it’s very nice, I attended the presentation at the capital, and there is great enthusiasm. We it’s realized in the shortest time possible. Knowing the Italian bureaucracy, I hope there are no stops or referrals.”

Source(s): Calciomercato Web

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