Former Roma player Falcao praises Garcia’s men and the new stadium

Former Roma midfielder Falcao was present at the Stadio della Roma presentation and spoke about the project.

Do you like the project?
“Very much. If it goes how it has been proposed, it will be a modern stadium, functional, and designed in such a way to exploit the great passion of the Roma fans. Pallotta said it well: ‘The stands directly on the playing field puts fear in the opponent.'”

In Brazil, there is a race against time to complete all the new stadiums in time for the start of the World Cup. Here, Roma and the administration are committed to make it happen in two years. Do you think they can make this happen?
“I hope so with all my heart. Though, I would like to emphasize another aspect of this: it will create many jobs at a particularly difficult moment in history (in Rome). I put a lot of merit in their belief, finally someone invests after years of talks, layoffs, and austerity. It’s a good ‘restart’, if I can use a football term (laughs).”

What do you think of Garcia’s Roma?
“He’s having a great season, but he’s been met by an alien like Juve. I like the coach and I like many of the players, they give me hope for the potential of this team. It can begin a cycle.”

Source(s): La Gazzetta dello Sport

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