Garcia pleased with win over Toro

Rudi Garcia praised his team after their 2-1 victory at the Stadio Olimpico against Torino.

You won with determination tonight?
“We never stopped playing until the end. The second goal was well constructed. Against a team like that, we know how to play, we know that they’re waiting to play on the break. We can not make mistakes in midfield but we missed a few steps. But I’m really happy because we played a match with intelligence and a desire to win until the very end. We finished the match with at least 6 strikers on the pitch.”

Is Roma better with or without a striker?
“I try to score at least two goals just like we have in the past 3 matches. It means that we’re always good in the offensive department. We need to have more
patience when we play against a team fielded like that.”

You will speak with Pallotta about your renewal?
“No, he’s forth a lot of effort for the stadium presentation tomorrow. Tomorrow is a beautiful day and it’s even better that we got 3 points today.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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