Garcia’s Pre-Torino Press Conference

Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke today as his team hosts Torino tomorrow at the Stadio Olimpico.

You tied Torino after 10 straight victories. This is motivation for Roma?
“I remind you that this streak was stopped by mistakes of a referee, but this can happen, everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that we played well, and we did. But that’s far away now, what counts is tomorrow’s game and we want to move forward.”

An emergency in defense: How is Maicon? Toloi is ready?
“Maicon took a part in training yesterydat, but he still has pain in the knee, but we still have more than 24 hours to see if he improves. It’s nothing serious, but we hope that he’s better tomorrow and he can play tomorrow night. Toloi will also play tomorrow.”

Pallotta will be arriving for the stadium presentation. Will you speak with him? He wants to propose the extension…
“He arrived this morning and traveled all night. He has an important commitment with the presentation of the stadium. For the moment there is nothing planned, I’m focused on tomorrow’s game because there’s nothing else to do — that is what is important today.”

How can you change this situation of Italian football?
“I’d only like questions about tomorrow’s match. I can’t say much about this, I the French league well and now I’m learning the Italian one.”

Destro can become like Tevez and Higuain?
“He’s a striker that has the goal in his blood when he gets into the area. We’re talking about players who have won so many things and have played for many clubs. Attackers like Tevez, Higuain, and Suarez have already matured. Mattia can still improve a lot, he was out for 7 months and he still needs time in order to return to his best, but his stats are not bad for the time being, he must continue.”

A rest for Gervinho?
“We’ll see, I evaluate each game. It depends on the fitness of the player. He has a unique profile in our squad and for the time being, he’s shown that, physically, he’s fine, but we’ll see. We have won many matches in a row. We must evaluate each individual, not only Gervinho, but all of the players.

What is missing to reach the level of Juventus?
“They’ve gotten a league record. You just need to win games. It’s still early to talk about next season. There are facts, and that is the table. I want to go ahead, my team and I have 64 points and on Tuesday we want 67.”

De Sanctis said that Napoli is stronger than Roma and has a better work-force. Are you okay with this?
“It’s better to have ambition than doubt our strength. I am sure that Roma is strong even with some injured players. Morgan knows Napoli better than me, I do not usually speak of others, to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of a team you have to train with them. We will do everything to get second. That seems like the reasonable goal that we should have, I have already said that, to me, the league is over.”

Bastos is now preferred to Ljajic? How is De Rossi?
“Daniele has been training well, there are no problems with him. Even though he hasn’t played for awhile, let’s hope that there are no problems with fitness. There are no hierarchies, there are players who do not have the same characteristics as others. If Florenzi and Bastos come on, it is because they are more adept on the defensive end, while Ljajic can carry the team on the offensive. But I like to have choices, because sometimes we do not.”

The Editor of, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including,, and ESPN.