Garcia’s Pre-Chievo Press Conference

Roma manager Rudi Garcia held his weekly pre-match press conference today as his team will travel to Veneto on Saturday to take on Chievo Verona.

Do you like the idea of Totti at the World Cup or do you prefer he rests?
“The answer is simple: if he goes to Brazil then it is good for him and for the team. He must continue to have good games for us. Then the choice is up to Prandelli.”

“There is a case with Ljajic, all the players are important and I’m appreciative of their skills then I make the choices. All are important and I am convinced they are, it is easier to say it this week on the eve of a double with 5 matches.”

Gervinho has always played since November, this affects the others?
“What matters are the results and if a player participates in the match and we’re fortunate to win – then we need players like this, you must also pay attention to the physical declines of the players, but this is analyzed from match to match. Now we just have to win against Chievo.”

If Totti goes to the World Cup, how will he be managed?
“Have you seen the mental and physical form of Totti? It’s always a pleasure to play football with him. It’s not news that he can’t play all 5 matches in 15 days. He must play well for us to win in Verona.”

Roma will begin constructin of the new stadium. Will you be the coach who debuts in the new stadium?
“I hope! But it’s not up to me. I always have a suitcase ready, but I’m fine here. In Lille, I was the first coach of the new stadium.”

Florenzi in the midfield might be a solution in the future?
“Yes. It was by decision to play him later in the last match to keep him stronger on the physical side. We’ll still be without Daniele, so we must find solutions. Mazzitelli has been growing and is ready to play.”

Do you believe Balotelli could come to Roma?
“I’ve talked before about the market but now is not the time. There are still 11 games and we have to stay focused. I see no sense to talk about this. There are so many good players out there but there are also good ones in Rome.”

Romagnoli as a fullback or central defender?
“Alessio is a central defender but he is versatile, he is mature for his age, he came into the team that was well in place. His profile isn’t complete yet, but he is still growing mentally.”

Totti and Destro adds the correct balance?
“It depends on the balance and the strength and weakness of the opponent. With them, you can score and Totti can provide assists. The problem is that we don’t have anybody on the bench who can add to our attack centrally. It becomes a problem when both get tired.”

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