Totti Demands Private Life Respect

Roma’s talisman Francesco Totti gave a long interview today, pleading with the media to stop spreading false rumors regarding his personal life.

What do you think is important to teach kids these days?
“Their behavior, education, having respect for other people…”

Do you talk about football with Christian?
“Yes, sometimes yes. More than anything else, he asks me questions about football.”

Your family, you’re always in the newspapers and there is always gossip about you and Ilary. What is your relationship like with the pressure from the gossip magazines?
“It is normal since I’m a public figure, everyone will talk about you. But now they’re always saying that we’re having a third child, that I have mistresses, she has lovers, and we have left each other and that we are no longer together. Enough of this, because it also interferes with my life on the pitch, but moreso (it affects) my private life. Honestly, it bothers me, I demand respect. From now on I hope you do not talk about it anymore, because if not I will act differently.”

Ancelotti said that at this moment Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi. Do you agree?
“Right now, yes. Even though I go insane for Messi, Ronaldo, however, at this time has a little more than Leo.”

Speaking of the season, between Roma and Napoli, who has a better chance of keeping second place? You’ll be able to hold on?
“I think so. We are trying in every way to get into the Champions League through the front door. We have a small advantage over Napoli and we still have a game in hand. And I think that, with proper focus, we will achieve this goal. Also because the facts say that we are stronger than Napoli….”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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