Kappa Suing Roma

Former A.S Roma kit manufacturer Kappa is formally taking the Giallorossi to court and are seeking €62m in damages after the company claims that Roma “illegitimately terminated” the technical sponsorship contract for sporting goods. Roma terminated their contract with the kit supplier on November 23, 2012 after signing a 10 year deal with Kappa on June 12, 2010. Roma claim that “a large quantity of the products proved to be defective and possessed a lack of quality standards that were agreed upon and were deemed unfit for athletes to wear”.

Roma have responded to the claims by seeking €135m and has said and claims that Kappa’s allegations are “unacceptable and totally unfounded”and are convinced that their image suffered damage from both a business and fan standpoint because of Kappa’s errors.

Source(s): Il Tempo

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