Moggi Claims Destro Isn’t Enough for Roma

Former Juventus administrator and disgraced Calciopoli figuredhead Luciano Moggi spoke today and was asked about Roma and their season thus far.

Juventus has the lead but behind them there is Roma, who is doing extraordinary things. What do you think?
“It’s true. I have seen Naples-Roma and there was a continuous domination by the Giallorossi. Unfortunately, however, Roma was not able to close the game, but they showed a clear superiority but could not finish. When you have so many chances, you have to exploit them. I have great respect for Garcia, but he was wrong on this occasion because he needed an attacker who can exploit the penalty area. For the future, especially for Roma, they must strengthen the attack, it shows when you see the absence of Totti.”

Destro can be the striker of the future for the Roma?
“I am convinced that if Roma wants to become great, Destro can be a good backup but nothing more. He is appreciated, he works, but he is not enough for what Roma need to make the big leap.”

The catchphrase that comes back every four years: ‘Would you take Totti to the World Cup’?
“With the players of today, I believe that despite his age, Francesco might be part of the Azzurri’s adventure. I don’t know how he is physically, but if he were in the right conditions, I would definitely play him.”

On Calciopoli:
“I think that today things are much worse than in the past. Several people have said many things about what was considered the Calciopoli affair, but nothing has changed. Before, Juventus won and today, Juventus are still winning. In addition, as I said before, the referees are significantly worse”

Source(s): Radio Qlub

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