Guidolin Ready for Roma

Udinese manager held a press conference this afternoon, six days before his team travels to Rome to take on the Giallorossi.

Entering the new year, Udinese is probably better physically now than before?
“We have always been good from the physical point of view. In this sense, I feel optimistic, I know how the team works and how they prepare. I know we can finish the season well.”

Your future?
“Again!? I do not want to talk any more about this, I have already explained myself a thousand times and I do not want this thing around in a decisive moment of the season.”

Domizzi is better in the middle of the defense?
“I liked it. He did very well and in addition, I can also say that Bubnjic is growing, he’s a guy who has made a few appearances but that is always something that is called into question. This is important because he gives more options for a coach.”

The motivation for the match: Sassuolo scared Roma…
“Well, we’re going to Rome. We have almost always had to deal with a match that lacked peace because we started badly. It is not a matter of strong opponent, it’s not like they don’t have ability, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to build a pretty long streak or play with ruthlessnes. The fact is that games against Sassuolo, Livorno, you know that you must not make mistakes, but it is not easy.”

In Rome, Fernandes will play and Pereyra might be the playmaker?
“He’s in a positive moment, but there will be all week to do testing and evaluations. Bruno is another guy in the ’94 class, he is one who is giving a helping hand. It is not easy, but he’s a nice surprise. He came from B, it is not an easy jump.”

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