Emerson Sympathizes with Strootman

Former Roma midfielder Emerson has stated his sympathy for injured Dutch midfielder Kevin Strootman after the former PSV man tore his ACL and his meniscus.

“I know what it feels like, and it’s terrible. But after a few days, you have will have a force to become like a lion. The first few days seemed like you were living with death. There were key members from my family and friends who helped. Roma is unique in this way, you’re close with many people. Once you begin rehabilitation, you’ll see very early that it’s difficult and it seems you’re progressing little and your will is dwindling. Strootman, I’m sure, will come back earlier than expected and will be back stronger and more pissed off than before. That’s how I was.”

Emerson, like Strootman, was also forced to miss the 2002 World Cup due to injury and he continued on about the feeling of seeing your country at the tournament while he remained injured: “I had a bad shoulder after a stupid game in training and I was forced to watch my teammates win in Japan and Korea. It was a bad time, but it makes you grow so much.”

Source(s): Leggo

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