Strootman’s Agent: “He Will Come Back Stronger”

The Italian agent of Keving Strootman, Fabio Parisi, spoke today after learning that the Dutchman will be out of action for the next 6-8 months after tearing his ACL.

The official statement of Roma talks about a bad injury to Kevin Strootman: an injury to the anterior ligament in his left knee that will keep him out of action for several months. Have you talked to the player?
“I’m in close contact with his Dutch agent and I exchanged several text messages with the boy. The news has stunned everyone, needless to say we are very sorry. Injuries, however, are part of the game of football and we must be able to draw a line and start from there. You will see that Strootman will come back stronger than before.”

From what we have learned after his first few months in yellow and red, Kevin doesn’t seem like a person who will be demoralized…
“The determination he showed on the field is a reflection of his character. Also, given the fact that he tried to stay on the pitch at the San Paolo, is ample proof of this. Right now he is quite sad, but it’d be weird if he weren’t.”

The main responsibility for this accident can be attributed to bad luck and coincidence or perhaps the forced return after the injury while on national team duty?
“It’s just bad luck. Valbuena has nothing to do with this because it is Strootman who injured himself after the match against France. It was a simple contrast of the game.”

You already know the recovery time?
“Not yet. We must make a series of assessments and then we will talk about it. They are, however, certain that Strootman will do everything to get back as soon as possible.”

Source(s): Centro Suono Sport

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