Garcia Rues Missed Chances

Rudi Garcia spoke after his team’s 1-0 loss in Naples.

Destro on the bench?
“We decided to wait for Napoli and play on the break and with the speed of the attackers we could get chances and score goals, and that’s what was missing. We played with maturity and personality. The result is not deserved, but it can happen in football, the best team does not always win.”

In the last three games only one goal, are you worried?
“No, because you also need some luck to score. We’re getting near the goal. Let’s not forget the big parry of Reina. We definitely need to have more effectiveness in front of goal. But we played here in Naples.”

Confident about the race in second place?

“Surely, if we play well we will win a lot of games. The problem with this evening is that we missed a lot. Hopefully we will not have lost Strootman. I do not have any news yet but he feels very bad and the knee was swollen and it was his other knee, but he took a nice hit right in front of me, maybe it’s from a previous injury.”

You need to be meaner?

Perhaps we do. We also had a bit of bad luck, lack of efficiency, and perhaps we need to be more like the bad guys.”

Callejon’s goal?

“It was a beautiful play by Napoli, but we got it wrong defensively. Maicon should not be on the wing on That occasion.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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