Garcia’s Pre-Napoli Press Conference

A little while ago, Benitez spoke and said the game is “fundamental for second place”, as he calls it a challenge at the San Paolo, where the Roma lost 3-0 nearly a month ago…

“It is not the end of the season. There are still 11 games for them , 12 for us, we are six points ahead and have a game in hand. The pressure is on them, if they lose it’s almost all over. If we lose we are still second. We are strong, too. I hope to see a match that we saw in the semifinal round of the Cup. A strong environment with two strong teams and a strong referee.”

Is Strootman recovered?

Luckily it’s just a knock. He recovered, he will be with us tomorrow at 100%.

Roma have conceded 11 goals in the league, which is a record. But in the Italian Cup, Napoli scored 5 goals. Do they have features that put you in trouble, or is it just an episode because you won 2-0 in the league?
“By the time we played them three times, we won twice and we both scored 5 goals. They have the second attack in the league, we the third . Anything can happen, we must do so, as after Juventus, to prove that we can win the same. May the best man win, I hope to see a good game and to do that serves 100% of all the protagonists.”

It’s a time of trouble with Maicon out and Strootman with a little problem; a draw would be good?

“It is obvious. But if you play for a draw, you’re in danger of losing. You have to play to win, like every game you have to adapt to the game on the field. If we do not win, we’ll leave Naples six points ahead, but first we have to play to win, then we’ll see.”

There is much controversy about the referees, many complain. You have not fined De Rossi for taking a stance. Do you fear incidents will be held against Roma, or are you worried about all the referees Italian?
“I’m just focused on what I can do, to let my team play and the fact that they play well. I can do little about other things, so I focus on my team.”

At Roma, you’ve known Gervinho and Bastos from Lille. What problems is Bastos having?
“He’s improving. We knew he had to recover, he has added to the group in an exceptional way, but I knew he would. He’s a good and smart guy, and is now closer to 100% and will help the team more. He has the quality to play on the left wing. Now is the best time, both for him and for us.”

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