Viviani Happy in Latina

“With Latina, I made the right choice. It was a difficult 6 months in Pescara where the coach would not let me play and I also had physical problems that limited me. Now I feel the confidence of the coach, the environment. At Pescara, on the other hand after my injury, Marino decided to focus on other players, while at Latina, I found the best conditions to improve. I’m satisfied with the match with the Under-21 and Di Biagio in Belfast and the camp that Prandelli will hold next week. Now I’m focused on Latina, it is my duty to think of this season’s goals and also out of respect for the fans who are close to us for this adventure that has seen the team grow week after week. The goal is salvation, but it is also true that we are now in the playoffs, and the next three months will be critical, both for me and for our group. That’s why I’ll think of the future at the end of the season. I’m owned by Roma and it’s clear my desire is to play in the future, but here I am growing in every aspect, both physical as well as mental. I’m happy with Breda, with my teammates. I’ll face everything else in the summer. Roma are busy, I always remember with pleasure that I played the game from the first minute against Juventus when Luis Enrique on the bench. For that match, I keep saying thanks to Daniele De Rossi, who helped me a lot in the field.”

Source(s): Tele Radio Stereo

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