Sabatini Pleased with Renewal

Roma’s director of sport, Walter Sabatini, spoke today to Roma Channel about his recent renewal with the club.

The news of your renewal is great…

“I was very pleased , it’s a went against my habits (referring to signing only one year contracts) but it was inevitable because Pallotta has put in a lot of work with this group and he would like us to stay united and cohesive for a long time and I wanted to support him. Then there is another decisive motivation that I would find it hard to see myself anywhere else, I think Roma is my final stop, I will not think of another team.”

What convinced you?

“Roma is a daily project for work and ideas. It has convinced me that we are doing this project for a great team and a great city, every day we develop a single project. I’ll take this team to very high levels and the goal was to stay. it’s the reason why I do this job.”

This Roma is the culmination of two years?

“The first two years were labeled as failures without that said we didn’t create anything, those two years of defeats only told the negative figure of Baldini. I would try to restore the truth, Baldini brought me here and I thank him. He has done important things and we worked well together. Those who have called the last two years of failure I would say that they were good results that couldn’t been improved.”

Many thought Roma were the anti-Juventus at the beginning of the season?
“Yes, maybe I did not imagine that the points of these first 26 matches would be the same as the Juve who won the Scudetto last year. At the same time, I could not say that we have achieved anything yet, but the team is strong and there is concrete hope. I see the players as a group of people who have gathered at the table and emptied-out their pockets and put everything at the disposal of others. But this is not enough, they also have a lot of quality.”

The situation of Pjanic?

“With Miralem we are discussing the renewal. It’s a difficult situation we’re facing. But I have not thought of putting him on the market Pjanic and taking another player: there will be no trade for him, but I think he will remain a Roma player.”

Rudi Garcia: he was the choice?
“I’ve always followed him. When I see a team playing well, I wonder who the coach is because I am curious: the discussions about Garcia began long ago. He was one of the candidates, including 5-6 we had in mind. He presented us with the right ideas and he said the right words, and some were decisive. He is now built-in well, he has bridged distances and immediately after 10 days gave a lecture (in Italian) to some adults. He uses a bit of ‘light’ football, but a serious light: the players are at ease, he instills tranquility and strength. I am glad we brought him to Italy and Rome.”

Mattia Destro…

“He represents a major investment, he’s a strong player: he doesn’t know what he is yet. When he succeeds we will be talking about one of the top strikers in Europe. He needs to polish some of the rough edges around his character that he portrays, sometimes in the wrong way. But he is quality inside the penalty area and is at the highest level. ”

How much will have to change for Roma when they face the Champions League?
“Roma will be more integrated, we will arrive in double roles and hope to make competitive units. We are creating a strong core that will spread around the football.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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