Roma’s Tallo: “I Want to Remain in Ligue 1”

On-loan striker Junior Tallo, a striker with Ajaccio, has claimed today that his hope is to remain in France.

Your card belongs to Rome. Are you on a straight loan?
“No, I’m on loan with the right of redemption.”

What do you hope to happen at the end of the season?
“It doesn’t depend on me. I am happy at Ajaccio. In general, I would like to stay in Ligue 1.”

In Rome, you’ve gotten to know Totti. What can you tell us about him?
“He is an absolute phenomenon. Having had the opportunity to train with him and learn from him was very important for me.”

“I can’t say anything but good things about Ravanelli. He was the one who wanted me and gave me the opportunity to play.:

“But strange rumors have come out about him (the French press accused him of giving players suspect supplements)?
“I have read these, but I do not know anything of this. If something happened, I’m not aware of it. Anyway, at that time I was out injured.”

So you do not want to return to Italy?
“I did not say that. I do not rule out a return to Roma. Only in France, I was given the chance to play, not in Italy. That’s it. However, let’s see, I trust the work of my agent Christophe Mongai.”

Let’s say that your first priority is that the Ajaccio is saved and therefore remain in Ligue 1…
“It’s possible that I won’t only remain with Ajaccio, but I could possibly go to another club. Now my priority is to play as much as possible and do my best, because I still have some small hope to participate in the World Cup.”


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