Florenzi Admits It’s a “Dream” To Play for Roma

Alessandro Florenzi took part in a video chat today with fans as part of A.S Roma’s membership club. Here are the words of the winger:

What was it like to play without the fans in the curves?
“It was not easy, they know how to cheer passionately for Roma, and also the northern curve closed. Fans are important to us, they give us the right support to pull off one more thing that you have inside and you need to do in your performance.”

Which role do you prefer?
“I was born as a midfielder, but as a midfielder who attacks. The role that the coach has sewed into me is one where I think I’m giving more and can do more.”

Dreams of becoming captain?
“Honestly, I’m not thinking of that right now. I’m thinking only about playing because I have two Roma legends before: Daniele and Francesco. Hopefully one day I can become captain, but this won’t be for many years, it would mean that Francesco and Daniele have given so much. It would be nice to have a career like theirs.”

What do you remember of your first goal at Crotone?
“The goal was an emotion that I will always carry inside. I remember the action, the cross of St. Francis, and playing as a midfielder with Mister Zeman. Unfortunately, it was a bad season. Crotone will always have my heart, I grew as player and as a man. I was only 19 years old and living alone for the first time, you learn to manage money for rent. It gave me only good things, I still have friends that I see and I talk to every day.”

How is to play for the club that you grew up rooting for?
“It’s the dream of every child living in their city, this goes for Rome, Milan, Naples. Everyone playing for the teams they watched when they were small and watching the players…”

A match that you want to play in? Also a match you would want to replay?
“I want to play in a round of the Champions League. I would want to replay May 26th.”

A memory from May 26th?
“We put the fans in a negative way. We resumed our journey and reacted against the biggest odds with a coach that nobody knew about and perhaps we did not knew. He has come here with great humility and is now doing well.”

De Rossi said he had experienced his worst defeat in the final too…
“My reaction was one of disappointment for not having been able to give that little bit extra. I was disappointed not to have played, but the result was bad for the fans.”

Your condition for the match against Napoli?
“Yesterday I returned to the group, I still feel a little discomfort but it’s tolerable.”

What do you say to your peers who want to become footballers?
“First of all, I always thought of having fun. When I became a professional it was the most beautiful thing in the world, but everything has changed . You leave a part of everything behind you from family, humility, and values. Had I not had family, I wouldn’t be doing this interview.”

Do you consider your fame?
“It’s a good feeling to be stopped, it is not the first time they ask me. I always say the same thing: it becomes a problem with they don’t want to stop you anymore. I consider myself lucky. I stopped to sign autographs because maybe there waiting for hours. It’s not a problem for anyone.”

“I’m a simple guy, I love staying at home with my girlfriend, maybe going to the movies. Then I have two hobbies: Playstation and billiards.”

How do you not lose your head? What about remaining humble?
“I think of everything I’ve done to get here, the year in which I have been away from the people with whom I have shared and will share my whole life. Humility is important, I rethink their sacrifices and I think of having fun. It’s a profession that everyone wants to have.”

As the season ends?
“We must continue like this, we will arise with great satisfaction.”

Source(s): A.S Roma

The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.