Prandelli Remains Firm on Code of Ethics, De Rossi Exclusion

Cesare Prandelli has reiterated that his mind will not be swayed when it comes to his controversial code of ethics, which came under fire after the manager excluded Daniele De Rossi from his squad after the midfielder’s tussle with Inter forward Mauro Icardi.

“Soften the code of ethics? Absolutely not, there’s no turning back. I’m tired of seeing a football made-up of elbowing, punching, spitting. I don’t like it. To tell you the truth, every time I have a discussion or an argument with a colleague or a manager I find it embarrassing for my role and others, especially on the eve of an important match. We need to steer our energy in the right direction, otherwise you feel drained, like I said yesterday.”

Source(s): Rai Sport

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