Pallotta Set To Present New Stadium on March 26

Roma are set to reveal their plans for a new stadium on March 26th, where it is expected president James Pallotta will reveal the specific details concerning the project. Sky Italy journalist Iacopo Savelli has reported the project is a massive undertaking and also reported on the projected monetary figures for the project.

“The stadium will be presented March 26th, by Pallotta, that’s for sure. The location is not yet known. Investment is huge, we’re talking about €1 billion, money that will be entirely funded through private partners found by Pallotta. The operation will be coordinated by a large American bank. The stadium will be one without precedent in Europe, it will work throughout the year, there will not be only football matches held there but also other events. You’ll be able to buy a subcription, including the right to have a seat. There will be areas with very high amounts of luxury, addressed mainly to companies. There will be a hotel, a railway with a stop stage. The official figures will arrive to Nike soon, who is the official sponsor. We’re talking about an annual revenue with no comparison in Italy. Nike will bring a lot of money for 10 years. From 26 March, they will start the whole process of running the site. I’m not saying that there are problems with the project, but we’re almost there. For Pallotta, Feng is not a viable investor.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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