Nela: “Roma Are Favorites” for Roma vs. Napoli

Former Giallorossi player Sebino Nela spoke today and commented on Roma’s season-to-date.

The Scudetto race is over?
“There is still some hope, I saw a Juve in trouble in the last few weeks, Roma, however, who was not picked to win the Scudetto, is having an extraordinary season.”

The differences between Roma and Napoli?
“Roma are more complete, Napoli has a great attack, but they concede too many goals. Roma is the favorite for the match at the San Paolo. Napoli has great strengths, they recover the ball again and again the midfield. The player that has impressed me the most of all of them is Mertens , he’s incredible while on the run, he shows his technique.”

If you were Garcia, you’d start Romagnoli in Naples?
“Roma are a team that knows how to play football and has the strength to carry two good fullbacks. Maicon’s return is important, while Torosidis and Romagnoli don’t have the same features. Napoli gets you in trouble by playing football with speed on the flanks and vertically.”

Feng arriving has a small chance? Now Roma need a great striker for the Champions League?
“Well I heard about Mandzukic, I think that’s a feasible goal. Roma have the money to make a move of this magnitude. The guy plays very little at Bayern, I think that a player of this caliber coming to Roma is appetizing. But honestly, I do not know. When I talk with the leaders of the Giallorossi, it all ends with ‘it’s just noise’ as they say in Rome, though there are some smiles, they don’t want to admit some things. To me, it suggests that negotiations are continuing in pieces.”

Disappointed by Ljajic?
“In my opinion, he must try to position himself better in matches, he lives for the goal but he needs to be more balanced in the match, this obsessive pursuit of the goal that he has sometimes causes him to lose track of time. I see a player who’s too nervous. Technically, he is very strong. He needs to play with more serenity. He has an unbridled desire to perform and this leads him to make mistakes. He’s a valuable player.”

Source(s): Radio Mana Mana

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