Totti Not Going to the World Cup

Francesco Totti spoke yesterday and admitted he will not be going to the World Cup.

On Rudi Garcia
“He did a great job because in the locker room we had two difficult years, especially in the management of the group. Unfortunately, when the results do not come, the group breaks up, everyone thinks for himself. As I’ve always said, when you win then it is normal that the players are strong, but with a solid base you can start off on the right foot. Garcia has already figured out how Roma is prepared and knows what he wants.”

“He was my idol, I saw him as captain and flagbearer of Rome. I identified and hoped one day to become like him. Fortunately, I’m close to succedding.”

Your relationship with the city of Rome?
“My childhood was beautiful, I like to have fun and I was much freer than today. The only thing I’m intolerant of is when it comes to my private life, I do not have the ability to walk as I wish. I won’t miss not being able to walk downtown or having to go to the cinema when the lights are already turned off. On the one hand, I am proud of the affection from the people, but there are some times when I want to be invisible so I can do things withnout being seen. Yet, I never thought of going to live in another city.”

Now the World Cup…
“I do not think I’ll go to the World Cup by choice and because I believe that Prandelli has already decided on his team. I never said anything, but I do not judge anyone, I respect them all. From Roma, De Rossi will go and perhaps Florenzi.”

Source(s): Rai1

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