Garcia: “Pjanic will Renew”

Today at the Federal Technical Center of Coverciano, the Golden Bench Award will be presented, Rudi Garcia attended the event and spoke to the press upon entering the center.

There are many rumors about Pjanic…
“Miralem was with Benatia, who both know France, and it is good to see a match at a high level, a classic. Both were in Paris, it was a good idea. PSG? The next news for Pjanic will be that his contract with Roma will be extended for longer.”

Any conclusions or suggestions for the league?
“There is so much passion, but I have already said last week that I’d like you to speak more about the football and the great entertainment on the field and good players because we talk too much about referees and closed curves. I think it’s a good league from a match point of view.”

A new stadium is in the view for Roma?
“The road is still long but we can talk more about it next year, what I do know is that the project in Roma is among the most beautiful in Italy. The ambition is to make Roma one of the big clubs in Europe but the goal cannot be reach immediately, it is long term and we will work with the President Pallotta and with director of sport Walter Sabatini, whose contract extension until 2017 is good news, he helps make Roma strong. At the moment, we are focused on reaching Europe next season, hopefully it will be the Champions League.”

You will renew also?
“My renewal? My case is simple: I am under contract with Roma, there is no problem, however, the renewal of Sabatini is great news because he is a professional of high quality, it’s better to have two than to work alone.”

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