Castan Hopes to Write History with Roma

Roma defender Leandro Castan spoke this morning about the Roma’s season.

What has changed from last year to this year with you?
“So many things, now I’m more adapted to Rome, Italy, and Italian football.”

A lot was because of Zeman?
“I think the team did not adapt to him, then Mr. Garcia arrived and gave confidence to all, because here there was no trust after everything that has happened and we have shown that we are strong players.”

How have you and Benatia combined so well?

“I remember once the manager called us and told us that we should not listen to the voices saying that we could not play together even before we had played, and he told us to show that we are strong.”

He has scored and you haven’t! (laughs)

“(Laughing) For me it is difficult to score goals, when we leave the field with 0 goals conceded I am happy as if I had scored a goal.”

Now Inter, this time it is important for the championship?
“It will be a tough match, difficult, they are a great team, we know that they are not so high in the table but they deserve mow, we know we need Juve to lose points and that does not depend on us, but if we win these three games we will be more close I think.”

Then there’s the World Cup…
“Brazil has a new coach, he called me the first time but never again. It will be difficult for me to go, I am only focused on Roma, I only think of playing well here and then we will root for Brazil on television.

Describe yourself in three words as a person and as a player…
“Quiet, a great father to my son, and a great husband to my wife. As a player: bad, a soldier, and I want to win, I want to leave my name in the history of Roma and its beautiful history.”

Source(s): RAI

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