Mazzarri’s Weekly Press Conference Ahead of Roma

Inter manager Walter Mazzarri spoke today, a day before his team travels to the Olimpico.

Given the difficulties found against Cagliari, you’re better prepared for games like this one against Roma?
“When you play against teams that have two out of three results then you have a different attitude. Football is entertainment, but it is difficult to see good matches until you score. With Roma, it will be a match against a team that wants to control the game if we allow them. That’s what I’d have to say…”

They’re all doing very well: Garcia has been very good at managing the team. But the greatest merits to Roma’s season has been the signings this summer.”

You’re amazed by Garica?
“If a manager is good, it means he is able to convey his ideas everywhere. He has proven to be very good, then Roma did great in the mercato, which is different from the last two years. He’s making important decisions. They’re all doing very well.”

Is far from the truth that you have not been able to set up a team and convey your ideas like Garcia?
“It takes careful evaluation of technical staff . If you look around, you can see how there is still time to do well. Now the season should be judged according to the things done so far. I am happy with what I do and I see improvements in the team, even if some of the results don’t bring us points.”

Who or what from Roma worries you?
“They play well, they’re good in two phases, they’re like a chameleon. They have important weapons in spaces with good players. And they are good even if they have the opportunity to press, they can do so many things. It’s a good team, which is making a major championship. When there are so many games, the numbers are approximate. They can win the Scudetto? I do not know, I’m interested in what Inter do.”

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