Garcia’s Pre-Inter Press Conference

The Roma manager held his weekly press conference this afternoon ahead of Roma-Inter.

Difficult game with players at the top. Provides strategic changes?
“Medical report: Torosidis is okay, Pjanic is well, though we’ll see again tomorrow morning. Florenzi can be in the group, we’ll see tomorrow morning . Gervinho is perfect. We’re without Maicon, Dodo, Balzaretti and Totti. The others are in place. It’s a difficult and important game like all the others, as was that of Bologna, as will the game against Napoli. It’s always difficult to win a game but we will try to win tomorrow even though we know that Inter are a good team.”

How heavy can the absence of 30,000 spectators affect the performance?
“In the short term it’s not a problem, as we have seen against Samp. We have to make sure to play like we did against Sampdoria, thinking only about the game and also for the fans who will be out. Maybe this time they will be outside, I do not know. But over the long term it’s a huge issue. Fans must comply with the rules, right or wrong. The problem is when a rule is open to interpretation, it seems that one thing is punished and another one is not. And this is the problem.”

First time you face two foreign ownership. Your thoughts on the American activism?
“It’s important, the simple fact that Walter (Sabatini) has renewed is an important signal for us, it’s good news. He’s a professional and has done a great job. I’d like if he stayed with us for a long time. On the pitch, the Americans quickly realized that you can not divide a stadium, even if the Olympic stadium is nice, it’s not a stadium for football because of the but with the track, the concerts, and the rugby that’s played there. To be a big European club in the future, we need our stadium and the Americans have understood this quickly.”

Inter complained they had no penalties. Are you worried?
“It is not only Inter, I’ve read and heard so many things about this week’s refereeing decisions, but as I have heard so many things I think that there is nothing to add, because all week long we talked about Curve and referees, but I hope that in the future we will talk more about players, tactics, of course, because that’s what I expect from a great Italian football. There is nothing to add on this point.”

Bonucci said he had listened to your words and said that Roma will be in decline. Are you happy that the opponents have gone ahead in the cup?
“We do not play them this week and yes, those who qualified will play again and above all, this there will be a competition between Juventus and Fiorentina, there will be two games more between them. I’ve got nothing about the opponents, their calender isn’t my problem, my problem is my calendar, and that’s the match against Inter. You have to win against Inter who have quality, a senior club who always has good players, a good coach, but we have to be stronger than all of these things and win the game.”

He expects an Inter different from the first leg ?
Mazzarri has always made good results, makes his team play in an effective way , but what matters most is the game of Rome , attach know well, both in attack and maneuvered in a counterattack that as we saw in the first leg , and defend well, to be effective on the defensive , not only with an iron defense , but having 11 players who give their best for the defensive organization . But this is what we normally do, we have put in place all the things that we do , if we do we will have the opportunity to take all three points and that will be our goal tomorrow .

Inter defend with 3 or 5?
Defends and attacks with three to five defenders because Nagatomo and Jonathan are players who are almost outside attack . It is no coincidence to see a cross from Nagatomo with Jonathan in the area or vice versa. But when defending , as all three teams playing in defense , there are five . Defending three is really rare and random . We know that there are advantages to playing as well as all the modules , even our own has its advantages and disadvantages. We have to take advantage of their disadvantages and hope that the strength of their form does too much damage .

Conte said the Italian referees are the best in the world…
“Everyone has their opinion. I’ve heard so many things this week and I have nothing to add. I’m focused on the field, on seeing my team play with enthusiasm, giving joy to our fans. It’s a shame that the Olimpico won’t be full.

Pjanic is not training with continuity. Are you worried?
“What matters is whether he is close to 100% or not, when a player has a problem like this, that lasts, if he is close to the top it’s fine, but if I can be careful and not to take too many risks with him, I will, as I have already done from the beginning. But it would be good to get out of this situation as we did with De Rossi, who is now back to 100% as we saw him in Bologna. We hope to see Pjanic playing like he did against Sampdoria, while at Bologna he already had this problem at half time. We’ll see if tomorrow morning he will be at 100%, it would be good news for us.”

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