De Rossi Praises Rudi Garcia

The latest issue of So Foot magazine features Daniele De Rossi on the cover with the phrase “Yes, a love for the shirt”.

The excerpts from the article are below.


The beginnings at Roma

“When I was a kid , I was not a supporter of Italy. It was Roma, Roma, Roma. When you’re here, you think Roma is the largest and they’re the only team in the world.”

“When Francesco began, there were many Romans in the team: Scarchilli, Beretta, Di Biagio, Petruzzi, but he has remained. He became a symbol. I came here when I was 16-17 years old, which meant soon enough I found myself sitting next to him, half teammate, half idol. Entering into the locker room and hearing him say,’De Rossi, pass me the bottle’, it was a shock, and there was also the others: ‘De Rossi, give me an apple’, and you turn around and see Batistuta. He was the one that had the most affect on me. When he arrived there was a light, a wonderful light.”

Being viewed as an idol..
“Sometimes I read the interviews of young players who are around 18 making their debut in Serie A as a midfielder and a reporter asks, ‘Which player is your idol?’ and sometimes the boys replied, ‘De Rossi’ and … “.

On Garcia…
“I did not know him, when I learned that they had appointed him, I had some doubts. It seemed that they had chosen him after failing to sign Mazzarri or Allegri. We could think that he was the fourth choice, I remember that I went on the internet and I typed in his name and the first thing that it is out there is a video in which he plays the guitar with ‘Porompompero’. I cursed and I thought: ‘But who is this?’ That day I was with the national team, the laptop on my knees in the room with Pirlo and told him, ‘Shit! Look who we got!’. Today I sincerely thank God every day that I found ‘Pompompero’, he can be a turning point in history of Roma. I’m not exaggerating: he can make us win.”

During the summer there have been several rumors about your departure from Rome
“There have been a number of voices for the first time because it was understood that I was willing to go. My relationship with Roma is very strong and deep. I know that if I had to leave, it would be a day that many fans would be sad. ‘Should I leave or shouldn’t I?’ you ask the question a thousand times with different answers, but it always ends the same way, ‘De Rossi will not go away’ but this summer was different. I was almost convinced, not entirely, but almost – it was the best thing to do for me and for the team. A little was due to May 26, but also because of how things had gone with Zeman, the coach of last season. If i found a good team with a good offer, before a certain date, I would have gone away. I had made a pact with the new coach, after a certain date I could not leave. The good teams (Manchester United , ed) came late with respect to this covenant. If this offer had come before, perhaps we would not be here talking. Or we would be talking about it elsewhere.”

What was the problem with Zeman?
“I do not know. Frankly I do not know. I have never fought with him. In Roma, many lies are written. That’s what makes life difficult, the pseudo journalists. These people have told a thousand things. I had been rude, that I was violent. But I never fought with Zeman. How old is Zeman? 65? I was violent with my 65 year old coach? They were serious. I’ve never had a fight with a coach, I never said ‘You owe me to play ‘ or ‘Let me play or I’ll make a mess.’ It’s something that goes against my principles. I respect my coaches, I do not propose which workouts that I like or not. Zeman, I simply believe that in the end, I was deemed not his type of player, and I’m sure there will be other coaches who think like him.”

Source(s): So Foot

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