Bastos Has High Hopes for Roma

Michel Bastos reflected today with Roma Channel on his short time at Roma so far and the great season the Giallorossi are having.

After a month in Rome, how are you?
“I’m alright, I’m perfect. They are a great team with some great players, unfortunately I arrived with a physical problem and I had to recover, but I’m fine now.”

Why did you choose Rome?
“Because it is a great team and it is the dream of every player to play in a big league, Roma is one of the opportunities you cannot miss.”

Did you think you’d come back to a big league after going to the United Arab Emirates?
“It’s obvious that when you choose to go play in a league like that one you are moved by economic motives, but I realized that I could still give so much and play in a big team, so now I’m happy to be in a major league and at a large club.”

You debuted in the Derby…
“The derby was a bit of a shock in my career, I have always played my best in these games, I’m glad to have made my debut in the derby, although in a short time I hope to have shown what I’m capable of.”

By now almost all the fullbacks are attacking at the big European clubs, where you can play?
“I came here to help the team, I have often played with the national team at left back, with Lyon and Schalke I also played right wing, it is natural that everyone has their own preferences. The Brazilian players are very versatile, I keep my preferences to myself.”

How are you physically?
“I feel 100% fine, the problem with my hand is completely past and now I’m only missing the rhythm of the game, I only played one game in the last two months, but now I am able to play and do the best I can.”

You and Pjanic have grown closer?
“With him, we were already friends at Lyon, we were close and we kept in touch, we lost a bit of contact but now we’re back in touch, it is a pleasure to find a player that knows the differences and is an important player for our team, finding him in this condition is very nice.”

What are the objectives?
“We have to finish the season as the best we can, the primary goal is to qualify for the Champions League, but we can not rule out anything, we must think of ourselves and try to win as many matches as possible, it is clear that at this point we can aim as high as possible, even the Scudetto.”

What are your personal goals?
“It’s clear that coming from a league that is not even comparable to the Italian, I also arrived in a team that was doing very well in the current season, my goal is to play and help win something important with Roma.”

What conclusions have you made of the group?
“It’s a good team, a very good group, I would say, it’s been a long time since I saw a locker room so compact and united in football, what really matters is the understanding on the field, all get along on and off the pitch at Roma, it is also important the role of the technical staff, I did not expect such a group.”

What do you think of Italian football?
“Not so many years ago, Inter Milan won the Champions League, the Italian teams in general have always had a great tradition, now it becomes more difficult, but we hope to reverse the trend, even with Roma, we hope to go as far forward as possible in the championship, I know it’s never easy against Italian teams. I’m sure that it is a temporary drop and things will change soon.”

Thoughts on the match with Inter?
“It’s a team that has gone through some difficulties, but now they got new players who have improved and have a high level, it is not easy to play against them, even without the crowd and curves, but we have to take the field looking concentrated to win and I’m sure that victory will come.”

What do you like off the field?
“I’m a pretty “home” guy, I like to stay at home with my wife and my children, I am a typical Brazilian, and I really like music, I enjoy DJ-ing, but basically I like staying with family.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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