Trigoria Report: Florenzi Recovering

The match against Inter approaches, in today’s training Torosidis and Pjanic re-joined the group, while Florenzi, Totti, Dodo, Maicon, and Balzaretti did not participate.

12.15 – End the session.

11.50 – The goalkeepers are training on field B separately.

11.45 – The team moved on to field C for the tactical portion of training. After the group was divided into two teams of 11 men each, they now begin a drill of ball possession on the small pitch.

11.15 – Totti, Florenzi, Maicon, Balzaretti and Dodo have trained inside at the sports center.

11.00 – After warming up in the gym, the team takes the field to continue the athletic portion of training. In the group is also Torosidis and Pjanic, who had had problems in the trip to Bologna.

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