Sabatini Confident in Destro

Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini gave his thoughts on the upcoming match against Bologna.

You expected Romagnoli?

“Romagnoli is a guy who is ready, we know this. He did well against Sampdoria, he played a serious game and was authoritative. It seems, to me, a correct choice.”

Destro can improve?
“All of our players need to improve, he was born in ’91, and Destro should go a long way. He began the year in a difficult situation and he began in December. We are pleased but he is right when he says that he must improve under Garcia.”

A defense that’s ready for the Champions League?
“We shall see, we have to get into the Champions League. The whole team has worked well in all areas of the pitch. We ‘ll be ready if we reach that goal.”

Destro has to duel with Totti? Destro might decide to leave?
“The fate of the Destro is in Rome and he will be here for a long time. There is no duel, Totti is the largest figure in the history of our Roma. They will also play together, we’ll see how. The players are not afraid of anything.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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