Rudi Garcia’s Pre-Bologna Press Conference

Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke today on the eve of his team’s clash with Bologna.

A judgement on Totti’s French?
“He can improve improve but I definitely enjoyed it, not only the wishes of the captain, but from all the club officials and all at Trigoria . They were a really nice surprise.”

There are a bunch of difficulties in Bologna, perhaps the team has taken on the responsibility after the departure of its best player?
“Yes, certainly we’ve seen in the last matches of Bologna where they did really well, for this, we have to go play in Bologna at 100%, especially on a psychological level. I have much respect for this team, they lost a champion like Diamanti that I really like. I saw him enter against Argentina at the Olimpico and change the match, but he’s gone and without him Bologna can still be a dangerous team, a good team.”

Torosidis and Destro are…?
“Mattia is okay, Torosidis improved a lot, today, he would start the match. That was not the case before, but we still have 36 hours to recover, we will see tomorrow.”

We have seen against Sampdoria, you take advantage of a very good center forward player that did not have the characteristics of Totti, we can say that when there is a better Roma when it plays in this way and the balance between Florenzi, Gervinho, and Destro works?
“It’s normal that when we work during the week, we seek a balance not only in defense but also in attack. We look to play with the quality of all the players, we do not play with Gervinho’s back to the goal when there is a player like Mattia, who needs to be given crosses in the area.”

Do you think Destro deserves the national team?
“He’s got the quality, he is a prolific scorer, he has goals in his blood , but I expect him to play with continuity, as well as wait for the national coach, you can not take a player because he is good for only two months, het must work hard on the field and show his character and quality, so we push him a little because for the good of Roma and Italy, he can be a major player.”

Could you use a back three?
“Yes, you might see it, I have already done it. Sometimes it can also be an interesting way to attack not only to defend, you must cover the entire width of the field with three players and not five. Even defensively when it comes to a strong striker our regista drops deeper so you can do it, but it can also be done with a four men defense and a regista.”

You heard the wishes of De Rossi and Pallotta. Are you ready to extend the marriage with Roma?
“I was struck by the message of Daniele, it was a beautiful message, I also hope to spend so much time here at Trigoria and after at the new training center, I’m fine here, I have the will to win here and to bring trophies to Roma. But let’s move on.”

And this is the most important match of the season?
“All parts of the season are important, but it is true that with the Europa League we must take advantage of these things immediately, especially on the physical level, but we’ll be fine tomorrow, we must give our best to win in Bologna and see how the teams that have played in Europe react because it is normal for teams playing in Europe to be more tired than the others.”

What do you say to the fans for the closed curves?
“There is a regulation, if it is right or wrong is not the issue, fans must adapt to this regulation, because in the short time it is not a danger to play without fans but in the long term we need our fans.”

On Strootman: it’s time to let him rest? What do you think of him?
He is proving game after game that he is a very strong player, which is essential for us, he has great class on the field but also a strong character in the dressing room and he is a player who gives so much and I think he can still improve, he can do even better on the offensive part of the game because the plan is that he helps both the defensive midfielder and the defense, but to say important things about an individual player is not my way, the important thing is the team, we have a lot of quality in midfield and have many choices to make, it is good for the team.”

There is urgency at full-back, do you think you can use Toloi or Romagnoli?
“Anything is possible, we need to find effective solutions when one is injured then there is always a missing piece, we lost two left-backs and now we have the same problem on the right, but in the short term, it is not a problem, we must find solutions tomorrow and find two full backs who know how to help the team in attack, but also because it’s the way we play.”

Florenzi and Taddei can play as full-back?
“Yes, we must find solutions, these two are possibilities, also we can play Nainggolan there I think because he has the quality to do it if Torosidis can not do it , these 3 are the solutions.”

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