Pjanic Thankful for Garcia’s Trust

Miralem Pjanic gave a candid interview today and spoke about how Rudi Garcia has positively impacted his performances on the pitch.

Are you convinced that the image of Miralem Pjanic is on the rise and you’re ready to take on even more responsibility at Roma?
“Since Rudi Garcia has arrive, I am able to put forth more evidence, my game is different from that seen at Lyon. I’m more mature and have more experience, but it is true that the style of play represents me well, he relies heavily on midfield , he entrusts the organization of the game and never wants the opponent to bypass the midline, whic is why I have more responsibility.”

You talk about responsibility, the fact that Francesco Totti leaves you to take the free kicks is part of a process of involving you more and more?
“My relationship with Totti is really good, if he brings himself to allow you to take the kick it’s because he knows you can get a good outcome, but it is not a problem if someone else wants to take it for him. The coach before every match indicates the players responsible for free kicks, it is true that this year, more often, I’ve taken the kicks and it has gone well.”

The success of Roma is also the success of Rudi Garcia: how has he helped you to improve and what are his main qualities?
“Our game is based on possession of the ball and the fact you control the game. I am the most offensive of the three midfielders and Rudi Garcia gives me a lot of freedom. With Strootman and De Rossi, we understand each other very well and we are quite free in our movements of construction. Garcia asked me to move a lot to destabilize the enemy lines, the balance has been met so far because we have also give a good defensive effot. We suffered on a few dangerous occassions because the midfielders do a lot of work defensively and that’s what the coach asks of us. Going forward I have the total freedom.”

The question of balance is also an issue of morale compared to the two previous seasons…
“It’s true, when the coach signed we knew what he wanted immediately. He has talked a lot with the players, to bring back their trust, and this was his first task. Subsequently, with the arrival of experienced players, we did well because we have calmed down a lot and he gave advice. This team really needed a good start to the season, we had technical qualities even last year but this year, with this good start, we gained confidence very quickly.”

You had too much pressure in Lyon?
“There is a discourse of pressure, the fact is that now I prepare better during the week. I arrived at an age when I wanted to take more responsibility. I’m more serious now, I want to help my team and when I see the results I’m encouraged to do even better.”

Rudi Garcia explains in his autobiography that he preferred to sell Lamela rather than you last summer. He definitely wanted three in his midfield. Do you feel such a trust is an important element for a possible extension of your contract, which expires in 2015?
“I have spoken to Garcia at the beginning of the season right after his flight and we decided to work together. To hear his confidence is essential for me, he believes in my qualities and adds much to the fact that I’m fine here. I’m really good in Roma, we have an ambitious manager, an ambitious group, and the club wants to win trophies.”

Source(s): Goal.com

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