De Laurentiis Still Hopeful of Second Place

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis touched on several subjects today, including Napoli’s hope for second place.

How far away (is Napoli) from a championship?

“I hope I can get it next year. With Benitez at least we’ll be close…”

Preliminary exit of the Champions League affects your preparation? Second place is still possible?
“We absolutely have to try until the end, but also there is Juventus.”

Lamela will again be a your goal?

“No, he is not in our plans. We have reinforcements in that role.”

A dream of yours?
“I would love to buy a player who’s 20 years old and take them by the hand and let them grow. It takes practice, some playeras are special, but how many are already mature at 21-22 years old.”

European Championship?
“I said that the ECA is a copy of UEFA, they are slow and have done little for football. We should send everyone home because it serves a unique tax treatment, it is contractual for all leagues, and has a number of matches, championships, regulations, etc. Abolish the Europa League and enlarge the Champions League, making it a European championship like it was done in the early championships.”

Source(s): Fox Sports

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