Garcia: “Totti is a Monument”

Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke to French newspaper L’Equipe in conjunction with the release of his autobiography ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’, here are his words:

It is a pride to have covered, step by step, a road that led to Rome?
“It was educational , as well as being a player. The fact of having had direct experience helped me a lot in training staff. Everyone builds their own beliefs and mine are quite strong both from a psychological point of view that from that of the game. Also, to craft personal relationships is key.”

Three key moments can explain your integration in Rome: the first confrontation with Totti, the face-to- face with the fans at the beginning of the season and the victory over Lazio in the fourth day…
“There are several episodes, such as De Rossi’s goal on match-day one against Livorno. Regarding Totti, he is a monument and an outstanding leader as well as a fantastic player. At 37, he no longer has all the means he once did but he is a big player in the history of football. From experience, I decided to be honest with him with what we expected. Winning something with him would be great. On the derby, the Italian Cup final lost at the end of last season had put the club upside down. There were many objections by some of our fans, some thought the game against Lazio arrived too early in the season, but not for me. It was a good time to put a cross on the past.”

Source(s): L’Equipe

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