Garcia’s Pre-Sampdoria Press Conference

Manager Rudi Garcia held his weekly pre-match press conference today, where the Frenchman claimed his team is very angry after their Coppa Italia exit.

What are your thoughts on the closure of the Curva?

“We don’t have no choice. We’ll see how the appeal goes but on the field nothing changes for us. The attitude of the team doesn’t have to change. We’ll play to win, even for those who can’t come to the stadium.”

“I have a lot of respect for them, but we do not look at who the opponent is. They have the quality, it’s obvious, but we have to focus on our game. We have to display the anger that we felt after Napoli. Tomorrow you will see some very pissed-off wolves.”

Are not you afraid that there might be a problem in attack?
“The statistics say we had 26 shots in two matches. We must continue this way, but we also need to improve our shots. But we should not have closely analyze the situation, we have won scoring 10 goals and getting one in the last 4 games. We need to believe that when the team prepares so well, good opportunities will materialize. Tomorrow we will.”

In your biography you said that in your first approach to Rome, there were problems of administrative delays. Have things changed?
“Things in my book are already out, but now we must not talk about this. Only the game counts.”

You have always said that you feared the third game of the week. How many players are struggling to keep up with three matches?
“There are none. Some with Napoli came out early, others are at the top physically and have no problems playing three games. I do not see any players in trouble and I will not make decisions on the physical plane tomorrow.”

It was weird to see Maicon come on four minutes after the restart. How do you explain that?
On the physical-side, it was important for him not to start the match. After it was necessary to score at least one goal, he came on because he can help with our offense. For this, he only played once and tomorrow will be ready on the physical-side and can help the team win.”

With Totti on the field, the point average is better. Is Destro ready physically and mentally?
“Yes he’s ready. It’s better when an attacker does not have to worry about his chances, but he just needs a goal tomorrow to return to the level that we know. He’s got four goals. Without Francesco, we don’t have to say anything. With him it’s better, but he won’t be there. It’s just a knock and he will come back quickly to us. We’ve already played against Samp, all we have to do is win.”

Only one goal conceded in the league after Juventus. In the Coppa Italia, you conceded five, are you worried?
“No, the Italian Cup is different. Even if we lost 1-0 we were out. You have to isolate the league and cup, but it is better to be more effective on the defensive than on the offensive. So it will be easier to win tomorrow.”

The environment of Rome is that people glorify themselves easily, but also get depressed just as easily. You received some criticism for small players: would you make the same choices in the derby and against Napoli?
“In France we say ‘open doors are already open’. After the result, it is easy to talk to. I am one who thinks that when every coach makes a choice, he believes it to be the right one. That moment counts, not two years ago, three years ago. I look forward, the important choices will be made for Sampdoria and I will make choices I think to be the right ones. We will make sure we win.”

With the exit from the Coppa Italia came the first disappointment of your Rome. How have you took this elimination?

Even before the two matches we knew it was possible to reach the final, but it was also not possible to go there. Napoli has quality. After the match, I’ve did a video analysis of the match. Now I am positive 200% of this team, which has been shown for 7 months we can do our best. It can happen in a match where the episodes are not favorable. Now we need to play well and with confidence tomorrow, and not forget what we have done before. So we’ll win tomorrow.”

After the match with Napoli you seemed angry with your players. You spoke of too many errors near the goal. Is it possible the team is paying less attention to you?
“You should ask them. When I do an analysis of the match where we went wrong, I tell the team, you should always tell the truth. After the first defeat there is nothing to say. You just have to see how we will be after tomorrow’s match with my Roma.”

The Editor of, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including,, and ESPN.