Roma’s Garcia Releases His Autobiography

Roma manager Rudi Garcia had his autobiography, ‘All Roads Lead to Roma’ (written in collaboration with Denis Chaumier) released today in France (it will hit Italian bookshelves in May). Garcia touches upon his youth, his players, and his personal life. Some excerpts from the book are below:

On the initial call from Walter Sabatini for an interview:
“I was with my three daughers Lena, Carla, and Eve and we were on the beach in Marrakech, Morocco, when the call came from Walter Sabatini and he summoned me to Milan.”

The American Leadership:
The American leadership wants him (Garcia) to become “our Ferguson”.

Pre-match ritual:
Within one hour before each game, Rudi isolates from everything and is preparing to enter the match with his particular rituals: “When the players go on the pitch for their warmup, I prefer to withdraw in a corner on my own, alone, quiet. I make emptiness around me. Sometimes, I polish my shoes. Sometimes I smoke a cigarette. And I’ll then pick up the phone and call my mother. She is already in front of the television at home, and looks forward to follow the game live. I imagine sitting on the couch in the living room. She gives me words that every mother would for her child: ‘Stay calm on the bench! Do not get nervous! You’ll be fine, do not worry, you’ll see.'” Before hanging up, the mother of Garcia has a secret to reassure him: “I lit a candle. It will bring you luck,” she says.

On Totti & De Rossi:
It took Garcia very little time to understand that they are the same person. From the very first talks with the Captain, Garcia had the feeling of a special relationship with the city of Totti and the team. De Rossi is an extraordinary man.

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