Sabatini: “Napoli Will Not Overtake Us in the League”

Walter Sabatini spoke after Roma’s terrible performance at the San Paolo, where the Giallorossi lost 3-0 and were eliminated from the Coppa Italia.

Roma annihilated, congratulations to Napoli?
“We were not annihilated, but congratulations, we created important scoring chances and played well, we played against a great opponent, I remember that they trail us in the league by four points, but we are great too.”

It’s a result that makes you rethink?
“It is not a matter of absolute value, Napoli is a great team, but so is Roma, I have not seen a game like this that ended like this.”

You’d like to blackout the ten minutes of this match?
“I can not celebrate this game, we lost and lost badly, I do not climb on mirrors, today we have fielded some quality to win but Napoli served us with their quality.”

How do you go back to Rome?
“There is regret and it is important, we will not play the final in Rome, we will do an analysis immediately and begin again on how to win just like we did after the defeat against Juventus.”

Do you not lack a great striker?
“I consider Destro to be a strong player, a great striker, there is a lack of continuity, but we know who he is and what he can do in the future, he is the center forward of Roma, and I’m very confident in his quality, he was not very lucky today, but that’s what he must do. We will make evaluations and also try to do something else.”

See Bastos as an attacker or defender?
“During his career he was a fullback and then he got up in the role as a versatile player, he can do everything and has ballistic qualities. He suffered in his role a little bit, but he’ll improve.”

Napoli will overtake you in the league?
“It will not happen, I’m sorry to disappoint the Neapolitan fans.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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