Gervinho Happy to Play Alongside Totti

Ivorian winger and former Arsenal man Gervinho gave a candid interview today about his time in Roma and his “new-found” confidence.

“Totti? I’m really happy to play with him. Offensively, between us, there’s a lot of complicity. He’s not one who talks a lot, but he tells me great things about myself and that gives me great motivation. Through his assists, I have great chances to score. Am I back to what I once was? It was only a matter of time. Through Rudi Garcia, who I already knew, I found that my confidence was missing. The derby? It’s very heated, especially in Rome. Here there is something special. I played Arsenal-Tottenham and Lille-Lens, but this derby is another thing because there is still more at stake. I am a bit disappointed (about the draw against Lazio) because I think we have had the opportunity to shorten the gap from Juventus. I’m also disappointed because it’s a derby and the fans always want to win these kind of games. But the championship is still long and we will have other opportunities to fill the gap by Juventus.”

Source(s): RMC Sport

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