Garcia’s Pre-Napoli Press Conferece

Roma’s French manager Rudi Garcia spoke today on the eve of his team’s clash with Napoli in the Coppa Italia semi-finals second leg.

Tomorrow you play to win?
“Yes, as usual, we will play to win, we have two high-level teams we’ve seen in the league and in the cup, we play to win, then we’ll see how it goes during the match, although it is best to win.”

How to manage Maicon and Totti?
“It will be the fourth game for them, for us the third so it will be a favorable thing, you have to give everything, we will see on the physical side which team feels better. Totti can start, Maicon has been working in the gym, he is available for tomorrow and everything will be fine for him.”

Bastos or Torosidis on the left?
“On the wing we defensive have solutions, we signed Bastos to play as a left-back, but Torosidis has done very well, Romagnoli can lend a hand on this point, for me on the wings we’ll have no problems tomorrow night.”

After Juventus-Roma you said, “Whoever wins is always right”, but the numbers give you a reason for this…

“He’s right who wins, if the statistics show that the team is dangerous, it is because you have to play attacking football, we can also attach a counter-attack, but this is football, it is only in the other sports that if a team wins dominates, in football if you defend the whole game you can win, we’ll play to score goals, they are strong, but they can score, by all the goals we have seen.”


“He played 60 minutes in the first, it is not a full match.”

You expected to leave the possession in the first leg at Naples?
“The strategy can be either let them have the ball, but it also depends on the scoreboard, if a team scores a goal fast you can wait a bit longer against the opponent and hit them on the break, and this happened in the first leg, and it can definitely be a winning strategy.”

Reina said that they can win instantly, how do you respond?
“The game is played on the field. It’s true that they can make goals, but they can also concede them, we have made ​​5 in two games, also we can make goals in an instant, there are two teams that have a high level of offensive strategy.”

The fine for the chants and the action for the closure of the curves…the Italian sporting laws framework needs to be reviewed?
“I asked Mauro Baldissoni to come: I think the camp, to the sporting side, have enough for tomorrow are important questions but our general manager can respond more accurately to these questions.”

Napoli is the team that has put you in difficulty, it is a bit sad that only Roma, Napoli, and Fiorentina perhaps are the only ones who play proactive football?
“I do not agree, Fiorentina have done well, but there is also the Verona and Cagliari who have the quality to play this way, there are not only these teams, but some time ago it was said that the Italian league was very closed, but we score many goals, before the end of the first leg we were second of the big leagues in Europe where most goals were scored, the goal will not tell how well you play at the back, it is an open championship. Let’s see tonight and tomorrow what happens in the Coppa Italia.”

It’s more important for Roma or Napoli to reach the final?
It’s important for both of us, we are only 90 minutes from the final, then there is a chance of winning a trophy and a trophy for a club is always important, we have a great desire to go to the final, we hope that the best man wins and it is nice to see a match like the first leg, we hope to reach the final.”

There is a chance to see Totti and Destro play together?
“Yes, we have already done this during a match or from the beginning, as with Catania, it depends on so many things, but it can definitely happen.”

How is the team psychologically and physically after the derby?
“Good, really good, I found a team focused on the semi-finals, yesterday was a difficult day for everyone on the field, today I was amazed that everyone was okay, it was necessary to say to the players go to the locker room and not to train anymore, it is a good sign.”

Benitez said that they will need to score a ‘legal goal’ again…
“There will be a referee who will give his best, like us and Rafa’s team, there is nothing to add on this, what more can I say?”

Does Gervinho need to take a break?
“No, he’s really good physically, he has a unique profile, maybe that’s why he always starts the games, for the moment I see him as very good, he runs until the of the end game just like he does from the beginning, everything is fine.”

This game can be used to cancel the run of Napoli for second place?

“It’s a round of Italian Cup and has nothing to do with the league, it is a specific game, here and back there, the best of the two matches will be going into the final, for now we are in the lead, but will not wait, we will play our game although it will be difficult to do so, this qualification does not change anything about the league, there are important games for both, this does not change anything for me, we will discuss the league on Thursday.”

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