Benitez Prepared for Roma Showdown

Napoli manager Rafael Benitez addressed the media today, a day before his team’s meeting with Roma in the final leg of the Coppa Italia semi-finals.

What should you do to win tomorrow?
“Make more legal goals than them (laughs). We need to create a serious match, with intensity. We’ve lost two games against them, but we played very well. We must do the same again, but this time there will be San Paolo.”

Choices in midfield…

“We have a lot of games, we have to make choices but there are four days of rest and all will be in perfect physical condition.”

You want Napoli to be like it was during the Champions League?
“Yes, Roma knows how to play under pressure and will do the same for this game. But we want intensity, to score goals and win.”

Does beating Roma give a signal for second place?
“It will be different, but if we consider the two teams, it can be. We had a good match with Milan and we want to repeat.”

Complete this sentence: “I want to go to the finals because …”
“It’s time for the club to grow and for the players who are giving 100% every week.”

If you were to do a ranking technique, which would Napoli rank?
“Mazzarri has done a great job here in these four years, for me, it’s my first year. We can not separate the turnover, history, structure, etc. When we make these speeches, it is because it helps you to do well. Napoli has grown a lot in these 10 years, it has been winning with Maradona, but in recent years it had failed as a club and is now in a great position. Every year the league is different, this year we had the Champions League, now the Coppa Italia, there were many changes and we are where we needed to be. We could do more in the last three that we have not won, but Roma and Juve are doing very well.”

Garcia has invited you to dinner…

“If we win, I’ll pay for sure (laughs).”

The fans will be important?

“We have seen the reaction of the fans after the whistles to Lorenzo, in the last match they were perfect. Everyone joined in.”

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