Garcia Disappointed with Draw

Here are the words of Rudi Garcia after his team’s 0-0 draw with Lazio.

Roma was superior but little is concrete…
“We made a serious match. After a win, you have to be the best in the ultimate or the last step, this is what has been lacking. But it is a point outside of home, we saw that we must not only attack, we must also be determined at the goal, as on the occasion of Pjanic, who could’ve pulled us ahead.”

Roma was lacking a bit in brilliant. You’ve got to win the Coppa?
“On the physical level, I found the right team, we played with energy. We did not make good choices near the goal, we had to pass before we made a shot and vice versa. We didn’t make the right choices at the goal.”

Bastos has convinced…
“He played with enthusiasm, he came slowly into the game but after, he had chances and missed the man. He tried, this is what I expect from him when he plays as a forward like tonight.”

You should’ve played more with a striker?
“The best chances came from Pjanic, it means that he is a very offensive midfielder. When we see the rankings, this draw as a result is not good, we wanted to win. Now we just have to focus on the return of the Coppa Italia and above all the rest because Napoli has one extra day of rest.”

Want to clarify about Reja?
“I think I said it all yesterday.”

Bastos can play in place of Torosidis?
Yes, he can play all over the place on the left wing. Today he came forward and we saw that he can do good things. He can also play in midfield and fullback. He’s a versatile player.”

Gervinho was a little less bright?
“For me, he can improve like everyone else. There is no age to stop improving, he is neither young nor old. Today we played against a team that always defended and did not leave a space behind the defenders. The best opportunities came from Pjanic and Gervinho.”

It could be worse because of the draw of Juve…
“Yes, we need to see things positively. It’s true positive that we didn’t lose points from first. It also shows that the 3-1 win in Verona like we had was a good result. Now we have to be careful not to look at the standings with 3 points more against Parma because we have not yet played them.”

Source(s): Sky Italia

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