Reja Speaks Before the Derby

“I will try to create problems for Roma,” these are the words of Lazio manager Edy Reja, who today, spoke before his team’s match in the Derby della Capitale against Roma.

Looking at the standings, Roma has 50, while Lazio has 31, is this gap right?
“For what we’ve seen from Roma, they have done extraordinary things. Lazio have had difficulties in the beginning, it was expected that the results were different, but this is the reality. We have climbed up compared to a few weeks ago. We have made excellent results, we have won against Inter and even risked winning against Juventus. Consequently we are growing.”

Gervinho is a good player…
“The important thing is not to give him space, but the same also goes for others, it is clear that you do not have to give him an opportunity and above all we must be careful on the counterattack, where they are masters. They’re a team that finishes well, they try to get you in trouble, we worked on these situations and we’ll try to put them into practice on Sunday.”

What about Roma and Garcia’s team enjoying lots of possession?
“I can not deprive Roma of the possession, but I can implement countermeasures, it’s a team that has shown to have an extraordinary chorus of defensive structure. De Rossi is having an extraordinary season, he is the man in front of the industrial defense, and the first defender. We have prepared well for the match during the week, if you grant De Rossi certain opportunities and to all when the team is well, it is clear that this is not good.”

Roma have weaknesses?

“I have made assessments during the week. I will try to put Lazio in a position to create problems for Roma, we have worked to try to make it difficult.”

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